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Resources for Volunteer Management Professionals

There are some invaluable resources out there for volunteer management professionals, most of them free. In this section, we've done our best to make English-language resources easy to find and relevant to your work.

Many of these resources have already been identified by our partners at Energize, Inc., so where that's applicable, we've included a box under the topic with a link to their site.

Note that this section largely covers issues specific to volunteer population (family, faith-based, corporate/employee), form of volunteerism (board, episodic, international, online, skilled), structure of organization (corporate/employee, government, volunteer center) and broader themes like legal issues, trends, and research. If you're looking for models and tools for your day-to-day work (finding volunteers, assessing risk, motivating and recognizing volunteers, etc), check out the Best Practices section.

Lastly, while these resources come from volunteer management professionals all over the world, most if not all are universal in application; where we think the information is country-specific, the country name is listed in parentheses after the resource title and author.