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Promoting Volunteerism

As professionals who work closely with volunteers and see firsthand the benefits to individuals, organizations, and the greater community, volunteer management professionals are natural advocates for promoting volunteerism. To support you in this work, we've included resources on general promotion activities - including promotion at the levels of advocacy and policy - as well as information on International Volunteer Day and how to find your local/national holidays and days of service via our partners at Energize, Inc.

Volunteer Promotion Days/Weeks/Months

International Volunteer Day falls every year on December 5th.

Also, several countries celebrate a National Volunteer Week, including Canada (April), US (April), Australia (May), New Zealand (June), and UK (June). Singapore celebrates a National Volunteer Month in December!

In addition to these broader national events, there are a number of individual days of service that coincide with holidays, days of remembrance, etc. For example, in the U.S., the Corporation for National and Community Service lists several national days of service, with applicable tools and resources, here.

To find volunteer events and days of service in your country, in North America and outside North America, visit Energize, Inc.