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What can I post? 

If you administer a nonprofit or community organization or a government agency, you can post every type of listing: jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities, action opportunities, and events. Businesses can post every listing type except volunteer opportunities and action opportunities.

If you administer more than one organization, make sure to select appropriately from the list on the posting page. If you want to post on behalf of an organization that's not listed on Idealist yet, just register it! Be sure to search for it first, though—a lot of organizations are already listed in our database.

How do I post a listing? 

To get started, you first need to be an administrator of your organization. On Idealist, individual people with their own user names and logins can become administrators of organizations to post listings on behalf of an organization account.

If you are an admin already, simply log in, and then click "Post a listing" found at the top of the page. Choose the type of listing you'd like to post and proceed! When filling out the necessary information, remember that you can always save it and come back to it later, or click "Publish" if you're ready to make it public.

If your organization is already registered, but your login is not connected to your org, don't despair! To become an administrator of your organization's page, you'll first need to log in or sign up as an individual. Then, search for your organization from the search bar, go to your organization's page, and click on the "Become an administrator" link near the bottom of the page. You'll have the option to send a request to your page's existing administrators or to let us know if the listed administrators are no longer with your organization, in which case we can approve you as an administrator internally. If you're logging in with your organization email address ( this will usually be much easier for us to do -- if you don't have one of those, please contact us with information authenticating you as an administrator.

If you'd like to post on behalf of your organization and your organization isn't on Idealist yet, you'll need your own login first, then click click here to add it to our directory.

How much does it cost to post a job on Idealist? 

It's free to sign up, search for opportunities, connect with others, create a page for your organization, and post action opportunities, events, and volunteer opportunities.

We do charge U.S.-based nonprofit and government organizations $90 for each job posted (for businesses, it's $110) per location for up to one month, but be sure to check out Job Packs for reduced rates. We also charge U.S.-based organizations $25 for each internship ($35 for businesses).

How long will my listing appear on the site? 

Listings expire after a certain amount of time, depending on the type of listing:

Listing TypeExpiration Date
Jobs or Internships (for U.S.-based organizations)30, 60, or 90 days (chosen at the time of purchase)
Jobs or Internships (for other organizations)30 days
Action OpportunitiesRemoved the day after the Opportunity deadline, up to 90 days
Volunteer Opportunities6 months
EventsRemoved the day after the event starts

If at the time of posting a job or internship, you specify an application deadline before the expiration date, we will automatically hide the listing on that date so that you won't receive late applications. You can extend the deadline and re-publish without penalty any time before the expiration date.

You can always hide a listing before its expiration date passes; or you can repost a new copy of a listing (but in the case of jobs posted by U.S.-based organizations, you'll be charged again).

Please note that if you are posting on behalf of a recruitment firm or consultant you may only post jobs or internships. If you are posting as the administrator of a nonprofit or government organization, then you may post other opportunities.

How do I post on behalf of another organization (i.e. as a recruiter or job advertiser)? 

If you are a third-party recruiter posting on behalf of an organization where you are not a staff member, you can post a job or internship one of two ways:

  1. You can post via your own recruitment firm's account, and save built-in, searchable client info with each listing.
  2. You can post via your client's Idealist account, once your client authorizes you to do so.

In either of these types of listings, you may choose to keep either your own organization's identity, or the client organization's information, either confidential, or visible, from jobseekers and the public.

1. You can post via your own recruitment firm's account, and save built-in, searchable client info with each listing.

You must be an administrator of an active recruitment firm organization on Idealist.

  1. Log in: From the "Log in" link on the top right of any page, use your email address to log into your Idealist account.
  2. Post a listing: Click on the "Post a Listing" button on the top right of the page.
  3. Select type of listing: On the Post a Listing page, select Job or Internship.
  4. Select Client: If you have posted on behalf of a client before, choose the client from the list of available clients under "On Behalf of: a client of Your recruitment firm."
  5. OR Create a new Client: If you have not posted on behalf of this client before, choose 'Add a new client.' Enter the client's name, type of the organization, location, and areas of focus to create a new client, and continue to create the listing.

Your recruitment firm will be invoiced for client listings.

From your Organization Dashboard, in the Clients tab, you may post directly for clients you have added. You may also edit, add, or delete clients via your Dashboard, in the Clients tab. Simply hover your mouse over the name of the client to see available options.

2. You can post via your client's Idealist account, once your client authorizes you to do so.
You must be an administrator of your client's Idealist organization account. You can request to become an administrator from your client's Organization profile page. Once you've done this, any time you log in on, you'll have the option to post for that organization account.

  1. Log in: From the "Log in" link on the top right of any page, use your email address to log into your Idealist account.
  2. Find your client's Idealist page: Use the search bars near the top of the page to search for the client organization on whose behalf you would like to post. Click on the name of the organization in the search results, to go to its page.
  3. Request to Become an Admin: Scroll down and click on the "Become an Administrator" link. You can send your request to existing administrators for approval, or to Idealist directly. If listed administrators of the client's organization are no longer employed by the organization, send your request to Idealist staff.
  4. Get Authorized: If you send an admin request to Idealist staff, the client organization will need to provide authorization to add you as admin. They can send an email from the client's domain name to, or telephone us at (646) 786-6886, and will need to provide / confirm the email address you'll use to log into our site.
  5. Post a Listing: Once you are an administrator of an organization, you can log in and click on the "Post a Listing" button anytime to post jobs. You'll have the option to choose to post on behalf of "An organization I administer." (A list of organizations you work with in this way will also appear on your user profile under "Orgs administered.")
  6. These jobs will appear to be posted by the client organization and won't have your name or your recruitment firm's name shown anywhere, unless you choose to make the client organization confidential, in which case your own recruitment firm will be shown instead.

Your client's organization will be invoiced for listings you create as an admin on behalf of their organization. Invoices will be created by and shown to you when you post, but will remain affiliated with the client's account. You can choose to pay these listings via, or send invoices to the client for payment.

Confidential Listings
Client information on listings may be Visible, or Confidential.

By default, all listings created on Idealist will display the client/organization's name, and not the name of your recruitment firm. Searching for a client's name will return visible listings created on their behalf.

Confidential listings will display the name of your recruitment firm, and the client's "Areas of Focus," but will not display your Client's name. Searching for your client's name will not return confidential listings created on their behalf. Listings may still be searched by keyword, title, or any contents of the listing itself other than client name.

You may edit an active listing to change its status from Visible to Confidential, or vice versa.

Remember that any time you have questions or would like help, you can reach us for assistance via our Contact page.

Can I post listings if I'm not part of an organization? 

We do not currently allow individuals to post listings. If you'd like to include information about yourself, you can post it on your profile

Do you review or edit posted content? 

We do not edit content posted by organizations or individual members, but we do review some of it before it is published. (We do occasionally correct obvious misspellings or other visible errors when we're able).

We review all new organization pages as they are created, to confirm that they were posted by someone from that organization and that they belong on Idealist. All other content (listings, individual profiles, etc.) can be published immediately without review, but we encourage you to report anything that's inappropriate or inaccurate.

Can I use a single listing for more than one position? 

On our site, each listing should be one job or internship, and each job or internship should be its own listing. You can find this specified in section D of our Terms and Conditions.

Can I pro-rate the cost of my listing for shorter periods of times? 

Job and internship postings are can last up to 30 days, but they're not priced on a time basis, and we don't pro-rate our listings for shorter periods of times. Generally the first week is by far the most important for each listing, and only a small percentage of listings need to run longer than two or three weeks. We allow our paid listings to run up to 30 days as a courtesy for the really tricky hires, or for cases where you don't find the right candidate in the first round of interviews, and want to do a second round.

Can I post a listing anonymously? 

Listings on Idealist must always show the name of the account that created them. Because of this requirement, only recruitment firms and job advertisers are able to post "anonymous" jobs. They can do this only if they choose not to name the organization they are hiring on behalf of in their posting. In this case, the listing will show the name of the recruiting firm, but not the organization that contracted the firm. This is the only way a nonprofit organization can post an anonymous ad on Idealist.

Before choosing to make your ad anonymous, please consider the following:

Anonymous ads may receive less applicants than ads associated directly with a nonprofit organization because many Idealist users care about the mission, purpose, and intent of organizations. Including an organization's name, website, and mission in a job posting will likely return a better quality and quantity of applications. Therefore, if you choose to use a recruiter to post your ads on Idealist, it's best to have the recruiter include this information in the job description instead of making it anonymous.

If you'd like to use a recruiter and aren't sure how to find one, we recommend starting with a search on Idealist.

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