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Why should I 'connect' with another person on Idealist? 

Connecting allows you to:

  • Show your real-world relationships online
  • Follow the Idealist activity of your favorite people (the listings they post; the connections they make; status updates)
  • Recommend listings and invite people to your own events

How do I connect to another Idealist member? 

Start by finding the person you want to connect with and click the gray "Connect" button in the upper left part of the profile. (You must be logged in to connect.) You'll have the option to specify connection details. Once you submit the connection request, you'll receive a notification when it is approved.

How do I find my friends? 

You can search for your friends by typing their name into the search bar at the top of the page. If you prefer to search by their email address, just use the prefix "email:" before the email address (e.g. type "").


How do I edit or remove a connection? 

Go to the personal profile or org page from which you would like to disconnect, and click the button "Manage Connections." You'll see the options to "Edit details" or "Remove connection" for each connection you have.

You can also find all your Connections by visiting your Dashboard: just click on the Connections tab, and you'll see Edit and Delete links for each Connection.

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