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Portland Shipping

Instructions specific to this fair

  • We will only accept packages from October 30 to November 3, 2014. Packages delivered before or after these dates will be refused.
  • We suggest travelling with extra materials as, on the rare occasion, a package or two can get lost in the mail. Idealist is not responsible for lost materials.
  • If you plan on sending materials back to your school after the fair, come prepared with payment information - either a courier account or credit card number.
  • In addition to filling out your preferred couriers's shipping form, please print and attach this address label to your package/s.

Label your packages clearly

Event: Idealist Grad Fair
Date: October 29, 2013
Event manager: Amber Cagle
Venue: University Place Hotel, Ballroom

Shipping address

University Place Hotel
310 SW Lincoln Street
Portland, OR 97201

Please indicate: "Hold for Idealist Grad Fair"